Xxterra® Topical Horse Care - Find Answers To Your Questions | Vetline Equine

Q: What is Xxterra®?

R: Xxterra® is a topical equine cosmetic skin cream for veterinary use.

Q: What is in the product?

R: Formulation contains bloodroot and zinc chloride.

Q: What are the general directions for use?

R: Apply once daily for 4-7 days, until a reaction is seen.  Once the reaction is observed, allow the abnormal cells to slough off.  Once the sloughing process is complete, treat the wound as you would a sore.  Repeat the process if the condition persists.  Bandaging is not a requirement for efficacy.

Q: How can I buy it?

R: You can purchase Xxterra®, with a veterinarian's prescription, at Vetline's retail space in Fort Collins, CO, or through your veterinarian directly.

Q: How does my vet purchase Xxterra®?

R: Xxterra® is available through most veterinary distributors in the United States.  MWI, Patterson, Animal Health International, Midwest Veterinary Supply, Henry-Schein Animal Supply, Western Medical Supply, and Victor Medical all stock it.

Q: Is it harmful to "normal" flesh?

R: No.  If product contacts skin or eyes, just rinse with water.

Q: What sizes does it come in?

R: One ounce and two ounce jars.

Q: Additional details?

R: Make sure to speak with your veterinarian before applying to cartilage.