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Race Today®

Vetline products have been an absolutely crucial part of my performance horses’ regimen for a few years now. Race Today has allowed me to significantly reduce to amount of Lasix required to run my horses. I’ve seen a huge improvement in their breathing and respiratory health. Superflex is the only feed through joint supplement that I wholeheartedly believe in and have seen dramatic results from!
Equilytes powder and paste are crucial for my horses on the road. The daily powder keeps my horses drinking in times of hauling and stress. My horses love the paste and eat it eagerly. It’s exactly what they need after heavy exercise, competition, or a dose of Lasix to replenish electrolytes quickly and efficiently!

Vetline products are a huge part of my success and I’m proud to be a part of their team!
Christoph Schork
Just back from Tevis, as you probably know, I finished 2nd and won the most coveted Haggin Cup with my horse Ozzy. I used the Vetline Electrolytes during the whole race and Ozzy performed flawlessly. Had no problems at any time and showed the best at the finish. I think a big part of his stellar performance can get attributed to the Equilytes. We talked about more promotions for Vetline products, so this result certainly could get used for that.
Christoph Schork
Race Today has helped my mare Sunny immensely! Before using Race Today, she struggled with her breathing during regular exercise and even bled externally once after a race. I was close to retiring her until a friend recommended I try her on Race Today. Within a month she was working out without struggling to breathe. Once she returned to barrel racing, she started beating her old fast times at every arena we went to! It is incredible! I have now added Race Today to my younger horse’s diet as well to prevent EIPH and she is really excelling in every race she’s entered in. I am so thankful to Race Today for giving my mare Sunny another shot at continuing her barrel racing career, as well as preventing EIPH in my younger horse.

I absolutely love Equilytes in both the paste and powder form. I live in Arizona where it is very hot and dry half the year. Keeping my horses hydrated is essential in their everyday lives, as well as when traveling. I always give my horses a tube of Equilytes before traveling in the trailer. They used to arrive at our destinations a little sucked up and dehydrated and would take a while to rehydrate and recover from a long trip. Now that they receive Equilytes before traveling, they step off the trailer looking just as good as when they loaded up. I also give my horses half a tube of the Equilytes paste an hour before competing to prevent muscle cramping. I feel it gives them an edge because they are not suffering from fatigue which helps them to run harder. The daily powder and the pastes are essential to keeping my horses feeling their best!

Super Flex is an effective joint supplement that has really helped my horses to feel their best, and compete at their full potential. Both my 10-year-old and 6-year-old mares receive a daily dose of Super Flex to keep their joints moving fluidly and efficiently. Many joint supplements contain MSM which can contribute to horses experiencing EIPH, but not Super Flex! My horses are staying sound and feeling great because of this amazing joint supplement.
Sarah Gorospe
Super Flex is absolutely a must-have for my performance horses, retired horses, and young horses. I have noticed a huge difference on the distance between injections and my horse's overall performance.

Equilytes is another product that is always in my trailer and in my barn. During hot summer days, all my horses get it to help through the day. It’s given to my performance horses over weekend races and I have noticed a large difference with water intake and my horses' recovery.
Kailla Watters
I have a pretty cool story, my mare has been on Race Today since 2019, where she ended up 16th in WPRA standings. 2020 I took her off it when Covid shut everything down and she just didn’t fire as hard when we got to make some runs Again towards the end of summer. This mare won’t run on Lasix. She refuses to pee, so that’s why I put her on the race today back in 2019. In 2022, she WON the Pendleton round up. Without lasix. Just on the Race Today, she had the FASTEST TIME of the year and ended up 2nd in the average. I love the Race Today, because I can’t use Lasix on my mare! She refuses to pee on it, so the Race Today is an easier regimen that works for us!
Leia Pluemer
My absolute favorite VetLine product is my Equilytes paste. I love the security of knowing it hits the system fast and keeps my horses at their best and drinking water on the road. It’s convenient to give and know exactly what dosage they are getting. To top it off ALL of my horses love the taste and will take it from the tube with no issues!
Amy Lu Smith
I was introduced to the Vetline products by a good friend, Laura Lambert. She had told me about Race Today and Equilytes. I put Ice and Romeo on the Race Today right away and have seen amazing results. I was able to take Ice off of Lasix and haven’t had any bleeding issues since! Romeo has had a chronic cough the whole time I’ve owned him and the Race Today is the only supplement I have found that truly helps him. The Equilytes is AMAZING! I give the paste pre-race 30-60 minutes before I run. It gives them an extra energy boost and gives them the support they need to stay well-hydrated and happy during competition and high-stress situations. I also give it before long trips in the trailer and when we are overnighting at races and rodeos. I am so thankful to have found your products!

Equilytes has been a game changer in my barn. The paste is essential for traveling and pre/post-race. The electrolytes absorb into their system within 5 minutes, which is crucial for my horses that run on Lasix. I feed the powder at home when the weather is going to change or I have one that needs to drink more. I notice a big difference in how much water is consumed when they’ve had a dose of Equilytes. It’s a product I don’t go without.
Christy Larsen
I use Vetline because I want the best for my team. Race Today is such an important supplement in my barn as it helps support good Respiratory Health. I truly do see a difference in my girl's recovery time after a run or strenuous activity when they are on Race Today. It is essential to have a good electrolyte in our crazy climate that is Central Arizona and when hauling across the country. Equilytes is a favorite.

Vetline Equine Equilytes Paste is an absolute favorite with my horses. They hunt down the tubes of paste in my tack room. I give my horses a tube of Equilytes before hauling long distances to ensure they are hydrated and drinking on the trip. Being in Northern AZ, my weather can change pretty drastically throughout the day. This paste is essential during these times. I can see a difference with my horses with this Electrolyte paste versus other brands. It is definitely a staple for me.
Kaylee Barker
I have been using Vetline products for many years now. They are top-of-the-line and really do work. Equilytes and Race Today and 2 of my favorite products. Race today keeps my horse's lungs healthy and strong and has helped the couple of horses I have had that were bleeders. Equilytes powder I feed daily and give paste pre-race. I strongly recommend feeding Vetline products to your horses.
Deb Guelly
My name is Bethany Waldron and I am from South Carolina. My favorite Supplement is Super Flex because I can feel a difference in my horses’ movement on it. Every horse I have on it is a lot more supple and I don’t hear any popping from their joints. But Race Today is a very close second because my mare will WALK in the alley on it. Which was rare before!
Bethany Waldron
I started using Race Today in 2020 after my new horse bled at a very hot summer race. After his initial treatment from the vet, I started him on 2 scoops a day for maintenance and 3 scoops on competition days. After 5 runs on Race Today, I could feel him firing harder and his breathing sounded a lot better. I then purchased Equilytes to keep him and my other horses hydrated and all of my horses LOVE the paste. Currently, I run all 4 of my horses on Race Today to keep their lungs healthy & I give them their favorite post-race treat, Equilytes. I am so grateful to the team at Vetline for formulating supplements that truly work and give me added peace of mind. My horses mean so much to me and keeping them healthy & happy is my top priority.
Brooke Bingham
I have been using vetline Equilytes for well over a year now and I won’t use any other electrolytes on the market! These are the first electrolytes I’ve used that you can actually SEE a difference in your horse’s performance and recovery! My horses have moved up in divisions just from using their powder a few days leading up to an event and the paste before our run because if your horse is dehydrated you can lose an entire division and I never believed that until I started using their electrolyte formula!

I started using super flex after my mare came up lame on a lameness exam, we got injections for her and we did some corrective shoeing but she still needed something to help with the inflammation and after only being on joint flex for a short amount of time you can tell that is what she needed to take the rest of the edge off! She is back into light work now making our way back to the barrel ring!
Jackie Miller
I know there’s been several horses that have either come off Lasix completely or now need Lasix at a much lower dosage. I personally use it on my horses as a preventative & have had great success with it!

The Equilytes paste is my absolute favorite supplement! My horses actually enjoy it and always try to walk off with the tube still in their mouth. I love the peace of mind that I have knowing my horses are absorbing these electrolytes immediately. I don’t have to worry about fatigue or cramps after a run or even just a long trailer ride. I always feel confident knowing that my horses are feeling their best and will stay drinking when we are on the road!
Shelby Bates
“I learned about Race Today by Vetline about 30 years ago from Jerri Mann. I was rodeoing and had my first bleeder. I’ve had many horses since then that have had bleeding issues and have managed them all with Race Today. People were amazed and I gave the Vetline Equine phone number to everyone I knew. I’m a person who has always thought that getting to the root of the problem is better than just treating symptoms. Race Today works! Anyone who says that it doesn’t work isn’t using it correctly. Follow the directions and do the best thing you can do for your horse’s pulmonary needs.”
Denise Madsen
WPRA Gold Card | California Circuit Finalist

Championships through Performance

“Just back from Tevis 2022, as you probably know, I finished 2nd and won the most coveted Haggin Cup with my horse Ozzy. I used the Vetline Electrolytes during the whole race, and Ozzy performed flawlessly. Had no problems at any time and showed the best at the finish. I think a big part of his stellar performance can be attributed to the Equilytes.”

“Proper Preparation is the first step towards superior performance.”

In 2021, VA Blizzard of Ozz, one of Global Endurance Training Center’s endurance horses in Moab, Utah, proved that saying to be true again. What an amazing year he had. After winning the AERC National BC Award in 2019, he is bringing that prestigious National Award home again in 2021. Last year he earned 11 Best Conditions during 50 and 100 mile endurance events. Additionally, he also won the National 100 Mile Award, one of the most challenging National Awards to win. That award counts the total points earned by a rider on the same horse in 100 mile rides throughout all of AERC regions. Ozzy, as we call him at GETC, is following GE Pistol Annie who also had won this Award in 2016 together with me.

Racing with Ozzy this past year has been nothing but amazing. Our second-place finish at Tevis was a true test of his strength and conditioning. Mentally he was fully engaged and consistently forward till the finish. His true spirit was uplifting me throughout the race due to his incredible drive and energy. Ozzy displays an authentic passion for the sport.

With every passing year, he is getting better, and his confidence increases. He certainly enjoys eating up mile after mile. When the trail is getting too technical and I want to give him a break, I get off and tail or lead him. Teamwork is the key to our success. I am thankful that I can still get off and run with him on foot, albeit I am also not getting any younger. Because of this reality, I am now also competing in the Bill Stuckey Award category and as luck would have it, I am bringing that National Award home as well for a total of 3 National Awards in 2021.

What contributes to Ozzy’s success? Certainly, it’s hard to argue with DNA. A good breeding is the foundation for any success. Thereafter comes training, conditioning, proper preparation, goal setting, and mindset, but that is by far not everything. Nothing comes from nothing.

A big contributor to his success comes from Vetline, the company that produces Equilytes supplements and electrolytes. Equilytes are cutting-edge chelated electrolytes that have helped GETC’s horses achieve superior results. For the last 5 years, the Equilytes have been the electrolytes of choice for all of my horses during competition. These electrolytes and other Vetline supplements are available at the Online store of GETC.

Superb products can help achieve top results. At Global Endurance Training Center, we are all proud for using Vetline products.

Christoph Schork
Global Endurance Training Center

“I have tried many products to get Six Pack’s bleeding under control, including Lasix, which was the hardest on him. That’s why I switched to Race Today. He no longer needs Lasix, and he’s sharper and feels better than ever! The best part is, it’s good for him. Thank you Vetline! We love our Race Today; it really works!”
Christine Laughlin
“For several years, Dylan, was gate sour, very naughty, would blow barrels randomly and it always seemed that we would take one step forward and two steps back. He started running pretty good the summer of 2018 so I started hauling him more. Then in September he bled for the first time. For me, lasix was a last resort option. Through mutual friends I heard about Race Today and decided to give it a try. It literally changed my horses life. Hes no longer gate sour, not naughty, and doesnt blow barrels. I have to hold him back now because he wants to run into the arena. Hes firing harder then ever before. Thank you Vetline and Race Today!”
Tracy Ellig
Frenchy has been on Race Today for quite a few years now and we have noticed a huge difference! He is way better going in the arena and fires alot harder, thank you Race Today !
Linzy Irle
First To The Banner aka Louie is my second unicorn after I lost my 1st due to Lymphoma. I put him on Race Today after hearing so many good stories about it. I never had any reason to think he was a bleeder, but figured if I could help keep it from happening and help keep his lungs strong why not. We are still figuring some things out and getting it together, but the sky is the limit for us. He has such a huge heart and wants to please along with being the biggest goof ball ever. It really seems like he lives just to make me happy.
Jamie Bowers​
“To all of my performance horse and race horse friends… When I noticed one of my new horses would work great most days then randomly didn’t want to enter the box, I found out that I had a bleeder on my hands. Having been around barrel horses that bleed and always need shots that are bad for their health, I knew I wanted a safer route. Luckily, it didn’t take me long to find Race Today, which a lot of people are having luck with. Happy to say after having my horse on it for a couple months, we haven’t had any bleeding issues and he is working great. Thanks to Race Today, my horse is really firing out of the box better than ever! I recommend it to anyone with horses that bleed or are having performance issues.”
Cody Cabral
“After seven years of unsuccessful attempts at controlling my horse’s bleeding with Lasix and other supplements, I was amazed to find that Race Today ACTUALLY WORKS! I highly recommend this product for anyone.”
Jerri Mann
“After my horse was diagnosed with exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, I went to the most commonly suggested solution: Lasix. While Lasix does work, there can be a lot of negative, harmful effects that come with it. The thought of dehydrating my horse before every run didn’t sit well with me. After consulting with my primary veterinarian, we decided to give Race Today a try, despite my being initially skeptical. I took a leap of faith and didn’t give him Lasix during a particularly heavy couple of weeks of races. I am happy to say not only did he not bleed, but we won second in a particularly tough rodeo. Since that night, B has not received Lasix since.” “Since starting on Race Today and removing Lasix from our routine, what has happened is a personality change in my horse and us being handed numerous winner’s checks throughout the past six months. While his consistent success in the arena has been amazing, what has meant more to me is the change I can see in my horse. Lasix was hard on him and myself with keeping water from him, the injections, and timing it just right for the Lasix to work properly. It acts as a Band-Aid, where Race Today focuses on improving the overall health of your horse, targeting the lungs. I will always put my faith into something that focuses on a solution and I am glad I put my faith in Race Today.”
Victoria Lynn Meyer
“We all know the damages that Lasix can do to your horses. Why not give them something else? No needles, no syringes, and no tubes –a that’s supplement proven to work. Pepper and Kitty are both on this now. If I can do anything to keep Pepper running well, I will. Also, when I messaged them about the product, the research and knowledge behind what they had to say was amazing…”
Stacey Hart
“Jordan, he is my Race Today success story, I started him on Race Today and Equilytes the middle of April when I realized after scoping him he was in jeopardy of bleeding with swollen capillaries irritated trachea and pockets of mucus. I read about Race Today and made several phone calls to confirm the great things I’d been hearing about this product. I immediately began feeding Race Today to Jordan while still competing at barrel races. I noticed his performance improved and he was actually increasing speed running home from the third barrel rather than barely making across the line before shutting down. His breathing was less labored and his rate of recovery was remarkable. I had him scoped again at 5 weeks and there was no trace of abnormalities. His trachea had cleared, the capillaries had completely diminished and his mucus pockets were almost gone. This was the best news I could get. He is such a sweet guy I didn’t want to have to give lasix. This product heals the lungs and does not act as a bandaid. I am so impressed with the result I am putting all my performance horses on Race Today and Equilytes. The power of this product to heal is real and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am now a Race Today Dealer and am happy to share this product to the world!! Totally amazing”
Bobo McMillan
“If your horse is or might be a bleeder, Race Today is the supplement for you to help heal the problem, not just mask it. Entrance resistance or running out of steam, stepping off third or coughing after your run, may all be evidence of bleeding. I have personally seen the change on two of my horses and have witnessed the improvement on others. Please contact your local dealers to purchase!”
Lana Tibbetts
“Well we REALLY tested Race Today on today’s run! Afternoon in 90+ degree weather, in deep dirt, on a big patter…now that’s a recipe to bleed if ever there was one! Belle ran strong through the entire pattern…she even had enough ‘oomph’ to run out the gate, which she hadn’t had in a long time! We picked up a check in Open and the Senior and best of all – NO BLEEDING!!! Belle didn’t cough, it didn’t take her forever to recover, and she was HAPPY!! Race Today is a game changer for Belle and me and she’ll just keep getting healthier!” “It was one year ago today that I called Vetline about putting Belle on Race Today…what a difference that has made in our lives! Lasix drugged Belle out, she wasn’t running to her full potential and that just wasn’t fun anymore. Thank you, Vetline, Race Today saved my beautiful Belle’s career! We love racing again!”
Kenna West
“Vegas and Frenchie love their Equilytes and Race Today so much that everyone I run is on them. Give your horse freedom from the fear of bleeding when they run and try these products today!”
Taylor Langdon
“As of right now, I’m about to cry…no blood, none. My horse thought he was going to bleed and didn’t. He also was not out of breath like before. This is so awesome!” “I just worked my horse hard! Then made an amazing run. No blood – nothing but a calm and willing horse. I want my grey on this. He’s not a bleeder but I think he’ll breathe better. I am without words again…”
Kim Guelly
“Race Today is a vital role to BB French Effort’s competition regimen. I’m beyond blessed to be sponsored by such an amazing company! ‘Solo’ is now 100% off Lasix-free since feeding this supplement.”
Jodi Lynn Colton
“Had a great weekend at some of the last rodeos of the season. Dice couldn’t have run any harder. I was bottom of the ground at 2 of the 3 rodeos and he just gave it 100%. Thank you to our great sponsors for another great rodeo season!”
Kalena Webb
“Booger has been on Race Today for 7 weeks and we have made 5 runs without Lasix. I had him scoped last night after my run and he was clean; no blood at all. Yes, we were scared and very skeptical at first but we are so glad to have given this product a chance. We will have no more needles, no more trying to time it out just right to give the shot before your run, no more withholding water and hay for hours, and all the other worries that go along with Lasix. We are very thankful we found your product and support it 100%…so if you have a bleeder, give this a product a try. You will be glad you did.”
Stacey Gates
“Wow Race Today really works! G has been on it for about a week and half and I already feel a difference in how she runs. She ran hard and strong; so strong that with some major bobbles, we still ran a 19.5 and won the 5D. A big shout out to Vetline for producing such a great product. If you feel your horse might be a bleeder, or your horse is breathing heavy while working, then message them!”
Ashley Lawrence
“The vitamins and nutritional benefits in Race Today actually heal the soft tissue in the entire body, not just the lungs. There have been benefits with just horses that cough, and have allergies, as well. To stop coughing just from a supplement, like with my horse, and the relief from not having to hear him gurgle, cough, or to see him freak out anymore, is a Godsend.” “I’ve talked to many vets, doctors, and old timers that have stressed to me to stay away from herbs because horses’ bodies weren’t designed to be on daily herbs because some actually thin the blood and do more damage and in the long run, actually start causing more issues over time than helping. Only trust tried and true products that have been out for years, like Race Today has. After seeing the benefits in my bleeding horse, I have started feeding it to my personal horses to help prevent bleeding and have seen results in my mare firing and running harder within a couple of weeks with only feeding 2oz a day.”
Stevie Ann Wilhelm
“Well I’m at 30 days of Race Today on three of my horses – two are bleeders and one is on it as a preventative. My difficult horse, Dusty, has struggled with bleeding, and he’s allergic to some ingredients that are in a lot of bleeding supplements. On his last run, I was able to reduce his Lasix because of Race Today and I had given up on him after many vet visits and had turned him out before trying the new supplement. People have even made comments about his quiet head and reduction in anxiety. My mare, Carrie, is on it for prevention but the change she’s has made in body condition shows; the ingredients are GOOD. Being in the supplement business, I am very skeptical on things because there is a lot of false advertising out there. I also don’t believe in “miracle” supplements, but I do believe there are good ingredients out there to help your horse feel and perform it’s best. I’m impressed!”
Brenna Loften
“Thank you Race Today!”
Laura Carmen
“Last fall I found out B-Bop was a bleeder. I was told I would have to use Lasix from now on, so I did and it was awful. I hated the stuff and what it did to him. A good friend of my mom’s told her about a product called Race Today, so I got in touch with the company that makes it and put B-Bop on it right away. We made two runs this past weekend and I had him scoped today and NO BLOOD. Thank you Eva for telling my mom about this stuff!!”
Jacie Schrempp
“I’m so thankful that I tried Race Today!!! I was in tears after my run; I am so relieved. Molly did absolutely amazing today and I’m so thankful for your company and for this product!!”
Kenzie Leedy
“I want to take a second to talk about a product we just started Aubrey’s horse on, who has SEVERE breathing issues. He is constantly coughing. This wasn’t just a cough, but a DEEP DEEP BAD cough. She could not even ride him around at a walk without him almost dying due to his breathing and not being able to get air. About 2 weeks ago we started him on Race Today and yesterday she made a run with NO COUGHING and normal breathing. Not only did she make a run, but she was also able to warm him up without him about to die. This product works!! We have NEVER seen this horse bleed out before. He has bad coughing and minor gate issues.”
Michelle Brookshier
“Sure glad I went to this last race because Diamond and Chigger worked amazing!! I’m so happy with the supplement they are on!! Race Today and Equilytes Paste has been a total game changer for my two!! Diamond hasn’t bled and Chigger has her fire back!! Both walk into the arena calm, quiet, and ready to do their jobs and they feel great!! Excited to hit another race.”
Lindsey Pontious
“I started Race Today about 5 months ago, it was a last stitch effort to help my mare out with her performance. I had noticed her declining in her performance and I had always used a Flexineb but her lungs kept getting infections or she would have allergies so bad and that affected her lungs as well. I started using RT on her in January and started our season out by running at Spring college rodeos and qualified for our third CNFR. We entered the short go this year in sixth, she has never felt better or worked harder for me since I’ve started Race Today, and her lungs seem to recover faster. I’d love to start other horses on it as well and let others know how well this product works and how much I believe in it.”
Madison Rau
“Fancy is the bay and she is so very special to me! We were at a rodeo and she began to cough, and she really got bad- took her to the vet and they scoped her – results she had a lung infection and they said she was a bleeder. I have done every thing I can to get her well- it has now been over 3 months and she still is not the same horse! I will do everything I can to help her so will my mom ! I hope and pray this is my answer to getting her back to running barrels the way she used to! Thank you for your time. Micah Wallace 13 years old and I love to rodeo!!!”
Micha Wallace
“My mare is 21 years old. She was getting pretty hot in the gate, and our runs weren’t anything great and she fought me constantly. After I ran her she would breath so hard and took along to recover from the run. Then shed cough, and then there would come the blood. She bleed through lasix and any other treatment I tried. I was ready to retire her. I started feeding Race Today, I instantly saw a change (a slight one, but it was something) in her behavior in the gate and she didnt seem to fight me as much. I had fed her the supplement for about 3 weeks before I ran her again. I gave her the winter off, but continued to feed Race Today. When I started legging her up this spring, she was so much more calm. I ran her for the first time this year and boy howdy. She walked in the gate, ran great (rider error caused some loss of time), she didnt fight me, and she walked out. I got off of her outside the arena, she was not breathing hard, I kept waiting for a cough and nothing. I am a firm believer in these products. I plan to give the supplement as a preventative to my younger horses barrel horses or not. Being all natural it’s the perfect supplement for our feeding habits.”
Lacey Smith
“When I found out one of my boys was bleeding, there was a period of extensive research. I was in touch with Teresa and she answered all my questions and so much more! I am so thankful to have my hard working – quirky gelding back to himself and for all Teresa and the staff with Race Today and Vetline have helped me with. I now have all three of them on Race Today for maintenance and keep them running great! God Bless”
Amanda Warnke
“I have been using race today for quite some time and it has been a huge game changer for my horses. My one who uses to run lasix was about to go completely off of it and run only on race today and ran faster! My colt I am now hauling has been on race today since I started hauling him, I decided to have him scoped after a long hot 3 day race and he was completely clean! Thank you race today for being an game changer for my horses!”
Keiri Black
“Hank has bled and ran on Lasix prior to my ownership. I cleansed him out just like I had with the other bleeders I have had. However; when put to the test, Hank bled. After two days of picking Teresa Marie’s brain, I decided to jump in 100%. We revamped Hank’s feeding program and began feeding Race Today. Eight months later, Hank is still running with clear lungs, No Lasix and No blood! Thank you Vetline Equine and Race Today!”
Sharon Woods
“My horse and I started our journey on Race Today at the beginning of this year! We competed at the New Years Barrel Race in Corning California a three day average race with lots of money added and saddles to each division. We have never raced three days in a row and although my horse is in good shape I knew it was a lot for him and after our third clean run he bled. I was devastated, I have watched my mom struggle with her bleeder for years and I did not want to have to turn to Lasix. My mom suggested I check out this product called Race Today. I am very skeptical of supplements claiming to prevent bleeding. Also my gelding, SF Yeah Im French, is a very hot horse so I have to be carful what I feed him but after days of research, comparing other supplements I decided to give it a try. I was shocked how quickly the bucket or Race Today arrived after ordering. I put him on it immediately and have been very pleased with the results! I gave him some time off after the New Years Race to let him recuperate and to allow the Race Today to start working. The first thing I noticed was how shinny his coat was getting. After legging him back up I decided to take him to a jackpot and holly smokes what a difference!!!! I have owned this horse for over 5 years and have never felt him run this hard! I have ran him a couple more times and no signs of bleeding. Make your horse run harder, grow better hooves, prevent bleeding all without making them hotter? It is possible with Race Today! Thank you for this amazing supplement!!”
Linzy Irle
“What a blessing it was that I found Race Today. Back from the horrors of using Lasix to run my mare, which made her so hate her job that I had chosen to not run her anymore. The effects of Lasix on her made her awful to ride. After 1 year on Race Today, we went to a 2 day competition and she entered the arena each time without issue. She ran her events listening to me and giving me her all, just like she used to, before she had bleeding issues. I am so happy to say, we ran 7 events and placed 1st in this event out of 157 riders and placed 25th overall for the weekend. I am beyond impressed with this product, I have my horse back and we can do what we both love again. Thank you Race Today.”
Renae Woodward
“I started using Race Today last year after my mare bled on me. I had experience with other horses bleeding and using lasix to control it, but I really wanted an alternative to using this time. I try to take as natural approach to feeding and caring for our horses as much as possible and I spend a great deal of time researching products and ingredients and I found Race Today. After trying it, had great results!! I’m a believer in it hands down. I also started using the Equilites last summer and it has made a big difference in all our horses!”
Sandy Hickey
“Rienzi clocked in the bottom of the 2D today and man is it nice having her feel good. A few weeks off did some good and of course thanks to Race Today we’ve had no more bleeding!!”
Devin Noel Duke
“I love how one ear is back, listening, and her eyes do not have fear in them. I know it’s because of Race Today!”
Joni Laska


“The first time I used Equilytes was during a multiday race. It seemed crazy to change electrolyte brands right before my most important event but when I departed for Tevis, ‘the world’s toughest 100-mile race,’ I packed Equilytes. I was blown away with how palatable it was; my horse chowed it right down! I was doubly impressed by how quickly I saw it take effect, and how long the effects lasted. His muscle tone was awesome, he started drinking more, his appetite increase, and even his energy level seemed to boost. I have now completely Tevis, several times, using Equilytes, and the horse I’m currently training, “Bluff,” has been on Equilytes for all of his past events and performed brilliantly. I’m looking forward to taking him to Tevis this year. I’ll be packing Equilytes.” “During an extremely hot 100, climbing a ferocious hill, I came across a rider whose horse was hot and quivering. I immediately handed him a tube of Vetline’s electrolytes and continued on my way. After the race, the rider approached me to say, ‘WOW, what was in that tube?! It completely turned my horse around we finished the 100!’…Equilytes!”
Tennessee Lane
I have a young horse who just started doing 100s. He was pulled at mile 76 of the Big Horn 100 for poor cardiac index recovery. After assessing the situation likely his high heart rate during his CRI examination reflected an electrolyte problem So, I took him to Tevis. I used equilyte syringes, and his usual electrolytes in his mash at the vet checks. We used 9 syringes during the ride-giving 1/2 syringe approximately every 2 hours. He finished looking GREAT. His cardiac recoveries, including at the last 2 vet checks (Franciscos and Lower quarry) were ~52/50. AND the amount of electrolytes never affected his eating as he ate at every vet check for the entire time he had to eat–everything in sight (Ive had problems with horses who stop eating when given so many doses of electrolytes). Great product. I’m buying to powdered form too to put in his feed and will start using on my other endurance horses.
Tara Rothwell
During the Provincial Finals of the Alberta High School Rodeo Association. I came into the event sitting 4th in my Division. My horse hadn’t been drinking very much during the event and seconds before my final run my mare tied up! It was devastating. I was fortunate and got my mare treated immediately. A lesson and situation I will never wish upon anyone! It unfortunately took me out of the Nationals and Canadian Finals. I have been feeding Sis your Electrolytes prior to every event and it got her through the Alberta Provincial horse show, when once again her consumption of water was very low. We brought home 3 first place ribbons and a rainbow of others to celebrate our last 4-H event before I take off to college. I had decided to sell my exceptional little mare to help find my college business degree. Before making the final decision on which horses to take with me. I thought I’d run both Sis and Rio. See who would earn a spot in the trailer. Sis has not ran in a barrel jackpot in over 2 years. She took third that night with some of the top barrel racers in the community. Your product has excelled my 16 year old mare into the best shape of her life. She is running with more ease and energy than ever before. I cannot thank you enough!!!
Rorrie Perrott
“Felicity Martin’s horse Ricky Bobby woke up to practice in the cool morning at 4-H state finals 2018 and he loved his Equilytes from Vetline. He has been downing about 25 to 30 gallons of water a day, staying well hydrated.”
Darrell R. Mart in Jr.
“IT REALLY WORKS! I dare you to go look at your electrolytes and compare them to Euqilytes! I’ve used pastes before and didn’t see any change in my horses’ eyes or energy. I wasn’t a believer in electrolytes. Just throw some salt in their feed and go on right? Wrong! I was amazed by the bounce back my horses had on this! It’s so important to replace what your horse loses after hauling or after hard work or competition to make sure they bounce back fast. Equilytes does that.”
Stevie Ann Wilhelm
“Thank you for my much-needed electrolytes from Vetline. This paste is great for those 90-degree night races!”
Dayna Ryan
“Equilytes paste is so easy, a three-year-old can give it and my horses love it!”
Dora Denning
“I simply want the best for Honey. I want her feeling good and able to perform at her peak. That’s why I use Equilytes.”
Stephanie Norris
“I just started using Race Today and Equilytes. It works wonders! As soon as I’m done riding, my horses drink better and seem to recover faster.”
Michelle Hoffman Darling
“Thank you Vetline for giving both of my horses that extra boost with electrolytes! I love Equilytes because it doubles to help them recover after a run or hard workout!”
Maddy Erwin
My horses name is Pepsis King Chex. He is an 11 year old AQHA. He is my baby! I have had him almost 10 years. We have gone through so much together! In 2017 when he started having signs of bleeding at barrel races and rodeos, Race Today was suggested to me and we havent looked back since! It has been a life saver!!! So are the equilytes ???? This horse is a blessing to me so anything he needs, he gets. And even though he is a picky eater, he gobbles Race Today and Equilytes right up!????
Lauren Stecklein
What do we like about Race Today/Equilytes? It should be what do we LOVE about Race Today/Equilytes. The products are amazing! My horse is Murphy Honors, he’s 18 this year and I started him on Race Today last year after I noticed he was having trickles of blood after I long trotted him, lack of fire coming from third barrel and refusal to enter the arena. I have been so very impressed with these products because he now will drink more water before and after runs and at home. We might not be big names and run at major events but I want what is best for my Big Bay Pet to keep him healthy. The company has gone above and beyond with helpful information and answering any and all questions I have had in regards to feed and issues and I appreciate that very much. Race Today and Equilytes will always be in my feed program, that’s a fact!
Sharon Means


“My 25-pound EqVital came in today – I am so thankful for their great products!”
Jerri Mann
“Loving my Vetline supplements!! By far impressed with their products. The transformation in my guy is amazing!” “After seeing the results on my horses with Race Today, I have started all my horses on the rest of their products, and they are feeling and looking the best I’ve ever seen – the way they absorb, process, and physiological utilize the products is absolutely amazing.” “I am loving the way my prospects are filling out. No fat oils, no soy products, no plant-based products with their mystery ingredients, no trash, or extra additives. Just simply old-fashioned whole oats, EqVital, beet pulp, and grass hay. They look amazing. Feed the way my grandpa always fed – simple.”
Stevie Ann Wilhelm
“Well I guess it’s time to revise the goal book again!! Just ran my first seventeen; I am so blessed with this mare of mine. Thank you to Vetline for Race Today, Equilytes, and EqVital!”
Tiffany Kirkham
“I have both of my young horses on this stuff. Mixes easily!!”
Jacie Schrempp

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