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Race Today Horse Medicine FAQ

Q: What should I NOT feed with Race Today™ for best results?

R: There are a few things that can work against Race Today™ and slow down results. Since it is a healing process, anything that has blood-thinning side effects can keep the lungs from healing all the way. If you have been feeding Race Today™ for over a month and your horse is still showing signs of bleeding, you may have to check any other horse medicine or supplements that you are giving.

Some common ingredients that have blood thinning side effects are:

  • Oil or pellets high in oil (especially Omega and Flax) *Soy as a minor ingredient is okay
  • MSM
  • Magnesium
  • Herbs (for example: Turmeric, Fenugreek, Licorice, Grapefruit, Garlic, and Devil’s Claw)
  • Ulcer Medications—do not feed Race Today™ in the same feeding (slippery elm, marshmallow, Ulcergard, sucralfate)

NOTE: most horses are fine using these supplements in addition to Race Today, however if your horse is not showing the results you expect after being consistently on Race Today for over a month, these could be the cause.

Q: Is Race Today™ a blood coagulant or blood thinner?

R: No! It in fact works by healing and strengthening the alveolar-capillary barrier in the lungs. Because of this, it has no negative side effects and with long-term use the lungs are simply stronger and healthier.

Q: What is in Race Today™?

R: Race Today™ is a horse medicine that has no coagulants, herbs or drugs. It is a highly absorbable, partially chelated, vitamin and mineral horse medicine with a molasses base.

Q: Will it react with any other horse supplements or medications?

R: No! There is nothing in it that will react with any other horse supplements or medications, including Lasix.

Q: What size is the scoop in Race Today™?

R: Approximately two ounces (A single serving, 67cc).

Q: How many servings are in each size bucket of Race Today™ (6.6lb and 25lb)?

R: There are 70 servings in the small bucket, without the two week loading dose.  With the loading dose, there are 56 servings.  In the large bucket, there are 264 servings without the loading dose; with a loading dose, this bucket provides 250 servings.

Q: How much Race Today™ should I give my horse?

R: You should start with a four (4) ounce dose—two scoops per day, for at least two weeks (loading dose).

In really heavy bleeding cases, you can use up to 6oz (3 scoops) per day. After the lungs are healed, about four weeks, you can try dropping down to the two ounce dose in between runs, then go back up to the four ounce dose starting three days before the race.

For medium bleeding cases, or if you are training/competing a lot, you can keep them on four ounces.  Then, when your horse is going to be off for a while, maintain them on the two ounce dose.

Q: How long does it take for Race Today™ to start working?

R: Each race horse is different, but typically the lungs are healed up and not bleeding between two and four weeks after being put on Race Today™ horse medicine. Some can take a little longer.

Q: Can I keep running my race horse while on Race Today™?

R: Yes, conditioning them is good, and even going to horse races. Race Today™ will continue healing the lungs, even while they are active.

Q: Can I run my horse on Lasix while also on Race Today™?

R: Yes, many horses will continue to go to horse races, while their lungs are healing up on Race Today™, then after three or four weeks, you can either slowly wean them off of Lasix or, in some cases, just take them off all at once.

Q: Can I give Race Today™ to a non-bleeder as a preventative to EIPH?

R: Yes, it is a great, healthy way to keep their lungs strong and prevent future bleeding. Just two ounces a day is all they need for a preventative dose.

Q: Can I nebulize, and do breathing treatments while using Race Today™?

R: Nebulizing too much can cause mucous in the lungs, overstimulating the lungs and preventing them from healing. So either eliminate it, or keep it to a minimum. Don’t ever nebulize on the day of a race.

Q: Where can I get Race Today™?

R: You can order Race Today™ on our website or find a Vetline supplement dealer near you. It is also available in Canada.

Q: Does Race Today™ test?

R: No, it will not test. It is all natural—no herbs, coagulants, or drugs. WPRA approved!

Q: What makes Race Today™ different from other bleeding horse supplements?

R: It does not overload your horse with natural or artificial coagulants and does not include iron, which can cause anemia. It is also palatable so it is not a struggle to get your horse to eat it.

Q: How long does it take for Race Today™ to expire?

R: Expiration dates are two years from the time of purchase, if the lids are kept sealed properly.