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Pro-Care Plus


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ATTENTION HORSEMEN: Safe and easy to use for all breeds of horses, Pro-Care Plus is a hoof conditioner that not only moisturizes the hoof making it stronger and more pliable, but contains a fungicide to help prevent and treat issues like:
Thrush – Dew Poison – Quarter Cracks – White Line
Unlike most other hoof conditioner, Pro-Care Plus can be used right before a workout or race and will repel water and sweat, which will keep the hooves stronger and less susceptible to cracking. This product will enhance the condition of the hoof to be able to withstand more intense conditions by preservation and increasing the strength of the hoof wall. Daily use helps prevent cracking. Proven good for all surfaces, even fortified for synthetic tracks.
Directions: Apply directly to the hoof before or after a workout every day. Within 2-3 days you notice the hoof looking more moisturized and healthy.

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32 oz.