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Jodi Lynn Colton

I grew up with a single mother in a tough financial situation. My mother knew nothing about horses, but I had the passion for them my whole life. I was able to learn to ride by working at English barns in southern Florida to pay for my lessons. As I got older, I groomed, schooled, and warmed up horses at shows to pay for lessons and horse leases. When I moved to Tennessee, I discovered the world of rodeo and never looked back! I won multiple buckles and saddles in junior rodeo and eventually moved up to professional rodeo with the IPRA and WPRA. In 2017 I secured my first world title with the IPRA. I am looking forward to the future successes that my passion for rodeo and horse health will bring Solo, and I.

Vetline Equine

Jodi is now part of our ambassador program at Vetline Equine. We value her persistence and commitment to the rodeo and horse health. With our horse supplements, horse health is always our priority. We are excited to have Jodi as an ambassador!

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