Horse Supplements - Question And Answer About EqVital™ | Vetline Equine

Q: Does EqVital™ come in powdered or pelleted form?

R: EqVital™ comes as a powdered horse supplement.

Q: What does EqVital™ do?

R: EqVital™ provides all natural, immediately bioavailable, high-quality vitamins and minerals that work together synergistically to provide the horse with the replenishing nourishment they need to look and perform at their peak.

Q: What other horse supplements can I compare this product to?

R: SmartEssentials™, Platinum Performance Equine®, and Lifeforce™.

Q: How long has this formula been used by trainers and equine veterinarians?

R: These horse supplements have been used for over 30+ years, internationally.

Q: How is this horse product different from other total-health horse supplements?

R: It is safe to use on all classes of horse and in any developmental stage, lactating mares and foals included. You can use this feed supplement to fill the gaps in the nutrition of all the horses in your barn.

These horse supplements comply with competition regulations and are formulated with all-natural, proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals that will not be lost in the gut, but utilized in their entirety during digestion ensuring optimum nutrient uptake.

Q: How long does each bucket of horse supplements last?

R: If you feed two ounces a day, the 6.6lb bucket will last 70 servings, and the 25lb bucket will last 264 servings.

Q: Is it safe to use with my Race Today™ and Equilytes®?

R: Absolutely! If you are having trouble finding other horse supplements to pair with Race Today™ or Equilytes® that do not reduce their efficacy, EqVital™ is a great option

Q: What benefits have customers seen after starting to use EqVital™?

R: With these horse supplements, you horse will be in better condition with a brighter expression, more energy, and shinier coat.