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Q: How is Equilytes® administered?

R: Equilytes® is administered orally, as daily powder horse supplements, or as a pre-workout paste from a syringe.

Q: What makes this different than any other electrolyte supplements on the market now?

R: The patented chelation process that delivers the electrolytes in a usable form to the body quicker than any other horse supplements of its kind. It takes fifteen minutes instead of up to eight hours to begin working.

These horse supplements are also palatable. Have you tasted other electrolyte pastes? We have – they taste awful.

Q: What are the basic ingredients?

R: Sodium chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium, glucose, amino acids, molasses base.

Q: How long do I have to wait after administering a tube to see results?

R: You will start seeing results within fifteen minutes.

Q: What is Equilytes® good for?

R: Dehydration, traveling, exhaustion, effects of stress, pre-workout, post workout, during events, multi-day competitions, and endurance horse races.

Q: How much paste should I give during events?

R: Give ½ or 1 full tube a half an hour before horse races, quick bouts of intense exercise, or travel.

For longer horse races, endurance, or multi-day competitions, feel free to also give ½ or 1 full tube during the time your horse is expected to work.

Q: What is the tube size?

R: 60 grams.

Q: How long will a bucket of the dry maintenance formula last me?

R: If you feed two ounces a day, the 6.6lb bucket will last 70 servings, and the 25lb bucket will last 264 servings.

Q: What is Chelatrex®?

R: That is the name of our proprietary, patented chelation process.

Q: Have any studies been conducted on this product?

R: Yes! Equine veterinarian and researcher, Dr. Ken Larson conducted studies on over 100 endurance horses during his formulation of Equilytes®,  giving this horse product proven results.

Q: Can I overdose my horse or pony with these horse supplements?

R: No, it would be very difficult to overfeed these horse supplements. All of our products are safe to use with other horse supplements and medication.