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Herbal Paste: Could This Be the Definitive Answer To Your Equines Sarcoid?

When it comes to maintaining your horse’s overall health, sarcoids can become very alarming for every owner. A sarcoid is a common equid tumor that can occur in multiple forms. There is currently no confirmed mode of transmission among sarcoids but evidence has shown that although these tumors do not spread throughout the body, they…

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Electrolyte Balance in Horses

Horses, just like other mammals, go through a physiological process known as homeostasis that stabilizes internal functions. A great example of homeostasis is the regulation of a horse’s internal body temperature when exercising. It does this by secreting a clear odorless liquid, sweat, from the sweat glands that maintains heat loss through evaporation. Sweating is a…

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Understanding Equine Lungs Through Evolution

Evolution of Equine The existence of horses spans back all the way to 55 million years ago where some could be compared to the size of a small dog or could even be three-toed! Modern horses only make up a small fraction of what we have seen in the past. Equus is the current genus…

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