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Denise Madsen

“I learned about Race Today by VetLine about 30 years ago from Jerri Mann. I was rodeoing and had my first bleeder. I’ve had many

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Tennessee Lane

My parents taught me to ride around the time I learned how to walk. We rode both Western and English, from cattle work to fox

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Cody Cabral

Cody started competing in rodeos in his home state when he was just six or seven years old. His older brother, J.C., was a team

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Christoph Schork

Christoph Schork is the owner and manager of Global Endurance Training Center in Moab, Utah. He has been competing in Endurance races all over the world,

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Shelby Bates

My name is Shelby Bates, I am currently 21 years old and a cardholder in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. I graduated from the University

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