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Image of a rider in a horse race at part of the Vetline Equine ambassador program.

Christine Laughlin

My name is Christine Laughlin, I am in my late thirties, and from Pueblo Colorado. My parents are Ron and Patty Laughlin and I have a sister, Tracy Paulsen. I graduated from West Texas A&M…

Cody Cabral

Cody started competing in rodeos in his home state when he was just six or seven years old. His older brother, J.C., was a team roper, so Cody’s rodeo career started there. His father was…

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Our products come thoroughly researched and with a longstanding history.

Get your horse off of Lasix

With medication ban investigations always looming around the corner, try an alternative that is healthy for your equine partner. The majority of our customers have been able to take their horses off furosemide injections entirely! Give your horse something safe and effective that will not test against competition regulations. Check out Race Today for your bleeder now.

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No more use of needles or injections. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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The result of many decades of cooperative research.

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Studies have shown benefits to attitude, condition, speed, and decrease in dosage or elimination of Lasix.