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Vetline values tradition, nutrition, and family. Join our family now and experience a piece of the Larson legacy by ordering some of our professional horse supplements today

Vetline aims to provide perfectly balanced supplements created to help keep your horses in peak condition!

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Denise Madsen

“I learned about Race Today by VetLine about 30 years ago from Jerri Mann. I was rodeoing and had my first bleeder. I’ve had many

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Tennessee Lane

My parents taught me to ride around the time I learned how to walk. We rode both Western and English, from cattle work to fox

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Cody Cabral

Cody started competing in rodeos in his home state when he was just six or seven years old. His older brother, J.C., was a team

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Take Your Horse Off of Lasix

With medication ban investigations always looming around the corner, try an alternative that is healthy for your equine partner. The majority of our customers have been able to take their horses off furosemide injections entirely! Give your horse something safe and effective that will not test against competition regulations. Check out Race Today for your breeder now.

(Photo: Kieri Black)

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Electrolyte Balance In Horses

Horses, just like other mammals, go through a physiological process known as homeostasis that stabilizes internal functions. A great example of homeostasis is the regulation of a

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EIPH And How To Treat It

In previous posts, we’ve talked about EIPH, also called exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage or bleeding lungs.  But for endurance horses, this is a topic that you

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No more use of needles or injections. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Vet Tested

The result of many decades of cooperative research.

Proven Formula

Studies have shown benefits to attitude, condition, speed, and decrease in dosage or elimination of Lasix.

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